Zoella Body Fondant Review

Zoella Beauty is a brand from the Youtuber Zoe Sugg and has been around for well over a year now, but Zoe keeps adding new lines to the brand every six months or so. This time around it is the Sweet Inspirations which is a sweet scented blue and gold range which looks impressive on the shelves and is the right price!

The Body Fondant was the one product I really wanted to get my hands on as I'm off to a wedding and this product would look amazing for the wedding photos, at £10 it's at the high end of the price scale when it comes to the Zoella Beauty products. You get 15g of the product which is more then enough to use over summer.

The packaging is very cute and girly with it's blue tub that is very basic with a simple gold Zoella logo, then on the lid its a very pretty striped design with the same gold writing but added deep blue tone. It's simple yet eye catching and draws you in with how cute and pretty the packaging is.

The scent is a very sweet macaroon which smells almost like vanilla mixed with white chocolate which I love. It looks very dark in the box but doesn't add any tan to the skin which is worrying at first but you will soon get use to the product, the added puff does make it very easy to use on the skin and added strap makes it perfect to use.

I've been loving this product so far and can't wait to go to wedding next week with it on my arms and legs! Have you purchased any new items from the Zoella Beauty range?

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  1. I have not picked up any of her products yet but I will have to try them x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. New follower, I was wondering if this rubbed off onto clothing at all?

    lots of love, Jane