Zoella Beauty Bath Latte Review

Another review from the new Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations range today, in the form of the Bath Latte which costs a purse friendly £6. The new range is selling out fast but can be bought from Superdrug online or in store.

The packaging for the Bath Latte is an odd one as it's in bottle form so comes in a little glass milk bottle design which is very cute and looks very impressive in the bathroom cabinet. It's still in the gold and blue design which is very cute and very girly, I love the little gold lid on the top which makes it very eye catching on the shelves.

It's a very sweet nice scent which is very moreish of Almond, Cocoa and Honey, the scent tends to stay on the skin for the whole day and fills the bathroom with a heavenly scent which makes you want to stay int he bathroom all day. It's very such a scent you want to bottle up and keep on the shelves just to smell every now and then.

To use the Bath Latte you can simply pour it under running water into the bath which creates a really nice subtle bubbly scented bath which is very relaxing, or you can wash your body with it in the shower as it foams up well to create a really nice shower gel.

So far I've been loving the new Zoella Beauty range, have you had a chance to pick up a product yet?

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  1. That bottle is so cute! Zoella's beauty range sounds lovely I can't wait to try it