Tea Tree Oil and Spot Stick

I never thought I would see the day of me having to go make up free for several weeks due to a massive breakout. This breakout of spots was so bad it was painful and got me really worried, I don't have any photos of it which has annoyed me so much as I would of loved to do a before and after shot!

I went out looking for something to help and know how witch hazel and tea tree is meant to work wonders on skin, so I went into Superdrug and picked up a pot of tea tree oil and also a spot stick. The oil is a 100% oil so needed to be mixed with another oil or liquid, I opted to put it in my mosturiser so it would work along side my other skin care items, but the stick is one I applied straight to the skin which is handed when I'm in a rush.

The oil worked well when mixing with my cream and I only needed a drop or two to create a nice mix that I used all week. I kept it in a small pot and it stayed fresh and usable for the whole week without going funny or off. I used it in the morning and in the evening and it worked well at staying put all day while working well along side my cream.

The spot stick is very easy to use as it comes in a lip gloss shaped bottle with wand that is easy to spread over the face and onto the affected area. I use it three times a day as it's handed to keep in my bag but also doesn't stay shiny or look odd on the skin so I can use it on the go with impressed me a lot. It didn't burn or irritate my skin and also went on nicely over my mositurised skin, it's a little unhygienic as you do have the put the spot wand back into the gel after using it on the face so I opted to place it onto the back of my hand from the bottle then onto my face.

I've seen a huge improvement in my skin and the awful breakout has cleared nicely by going makeup free and using the tea tree oils! What products do you reach for when suffering with bad skin?

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