Tanya Burr I Found Nemo Lip Gloss

I'm a massive lover of the Tanya Burr lip gloss collection and picked up a new one which is the very pretty I Found Nemo from Superdrug for just £6.99. I picked it up thinking it was a new one but found out it was just the packaging that had change, I didn't mind at all as the new packaging suits the products really well.

It's a much more summery packaging with really pretty gold writing to match the gold lid, it works well against the coral lip gloss to make it look really summery and pretty when applying in summer. It's still in a 7.5ml tube so it's fits nicely into my handbag and still also comes with the easy to use wand applicator which works perfectly for anyone on the go.

The shade is a very pretty coral tone which is creamy with added shimmery bits to really bring out the colour on the lips. It goes on quite dark but looks really impressive on the lips, it's a great shade to go for if you are going out as it's works well with most outfits. I don't find it to sticky however it does transfer a little, but it does still have it's lovely fruity scent to it!

What is your go to lip gloss?

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