Tanya Burr Galaxy Eye Palette

I didn't really need a new eye shadow palette but once I had glance at this Tanya Burr one I just had to buy it. The packaging is spot on, the eye shadow is spot on and the price is spot on! so it's a win win situation for me and this product. At just £6 for 4 eye shadows it's a great affordable palette to pick up, available at Superdrug it's worth going in just to take a peak at the product.

The packaging is the perfect handbag friendly sized box with a silver/blue and shocking pink design that once you get closer you will noticed to silver stars. On the inside you get the same silver/blue theme that teams nicely with the heart shaped mirror and the pale pink trim. It's cute and girly while having a really grown up feeling to it, while still being fun and playful which I love.

The four eye shadows are highly pigmented but blend in nicely to create a smokey eyed look, I used each four shades on there own and they each created a really nice make up look. I then used two at a time and it created the perfect make up look, pushing it to four was a struggled but I did managed to create a really lovely pretty smokey eyed make up effect.

It's the perfect palette for travelling or putting in your bag as well as events as there is a shade to suit all types of outfits or events. I've managed to get away with using it in the day time but I do feel it suits more of an evening look.
Top - Starry Night Next - Stormy Sky Next - Snowflake Bottom - Moonlight

Have you tried any of the Tanya Burr make up products? What's your favorite?

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