Rimmel Gradual Tan And Toning Lotion

Summer is on its way which brings events and parties meaning getting my untanned legs out! Cue finding the perfect summer lotion to help me gradually tan and look great at my summer parties. I went into my local Superdrug and went on the hunt for the perfect gradual tanner and was surprised to see a Rimmel one. Rimmel is one of my go to brands for make up and I've always trusted them since my teens so picked one up for just £6.99.

It's a one shade fits all tanner which is always a bonus as if like me you never know which shade to pick up in store and always come away with the wrong tanner then this bottle is perfect for you! It also has a toning feature which is great for summer as toning always helps when getting legs out, combine that with the argan oil to soothe and soften everything up it's pretty much the perfect tanner.

I used mine for around a week before noticing a tan starting to show, up until then I had a really nice healthy glow to my skin. After a week I topped up every two days which kept the tan looking great and glowing. I've been using it for a month now and trust it enough to be using it for a wedding coming up in two weeks.

It doesn't go patchy or uneven and goes on without any problems due to it being a moisturiser it's pretty much like rubbing a normal lotion in. I used a tanning mitt to apply the lotion to my skin and it blended in really well with the mitt to create a lovely healthy glow, the mitt I used it a St Tropez one which is washable and reusable.

I love the product and was very happy to have picked one up, was is your go to gradual tanner?

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