MAC Oil Control Lotion

When I shop in MAC it's normally to buy make up and not skincare but I decided to browse the stand whilst I was in the airport and came away with a tube of there oil control lotion. I picked up a 30ml tube which cost me £10, which is a little on the pricey side but I wanted to try out the product so decided to just go for it.

The tube is small enough to place into my make up case or the have in my travel bag so it's the perfect size for me, it's a great basic design with a simple plain white tube and black lid with black writing it doesn't really stand out but looks great among my other make up items.

It has an odd soap like scent to it with a hint of floral which is odd and does take a little bit of getting use to, however once soaked into the skin it doesn't linger to much so it wasn't something I was worried about. The texture is light and goes onto the skin without taking to long to soak in, I also only need to use a pea sized amount to get the product over my face which impressed me a lot.

I did notice a difference right away in how little oil there was on my face after using the product, it lasted for me around 6 hours before I noticed some oil appearing on my forehead and I needed to reapply which impressed me a lot as I suffer really badly with oil prone skin. It sits nicely under my make up and doesn't affect how it looks which is always a massive bonus with creams, it also blends in nicely with a foundation to create a BB cream.

Overall I'm really impressed and pleased I picked up the product, once it has run out I'll be purchasing the larger bottle. What is your go to lotion to keep oil away?

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