Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

I'm a sucker for magazine freebie so was happy to see in this months Elle magazine for just £3.99 a Benefit Goof Proof Pencil which is normally priced at £18.50. Included in the magazine was two free eye brow waxing appointments which is always great to have at getting the brows looking good before applying any products.

The design of the pencil is very eye catching and looks very impressive with it's silver colour and odd shaped lid it's one that you definitely see on the shelves when browsing for new pencils. It's small and handy so fits into the make up case with no problems.

The brow pencil design is quite large so it fills the brow quickly while being slanted to make it easy to apply it at an angle which feels right on the hand. The shade I got was 02 which is right for my ash brown and pale skin tone, they do a much darker shade 06 which is perfect for people with darker eye brows.

I placed it on my brows before a shift at work and the product stayed put all day without smudging and getting out of place. I used it also on a very hot and sunny day and the product didn't move at all which really impressed me. I found it easy to use and it looks great on, I really can't fault the product only the price that puts me off.

Did you pick up your copy of Elle yet?

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