Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery

In the June issue of Elle Magazine there was a freebie that caught my eye and one that really drew me in, a brand I've not heard of before Percy and Reed however the words overnight recovery and hair really made me excited. I suffer badly with my hair as it's so thick and gets damaged so easily that I struggle to find the right products to use, so I always purchase the latest items in order to improve my locks.

The small tube of 75ml gel looks classy and draws all the attention to itself with a drawing of a girl with lovely hair and tasteful wording the tube really makes the product worth buying. I love how small and purse friendly it is making it easy to travel with which is a massive bonus for me.

The scent is very strong but smells great with perfume scent that is fresh and moreish it's one that lasts all night on the hair making you almost not want to wash it out. It's easy to apply over the hair starting with the scalp and using a large blob to cover it and then working down through the ends to cover the hair, it goes on and sinks in the cover the hair without any residue or transfer.

I was a little worried it would cover my pillow but was amazed to see no product on my bed and my pillow product free which is a must for any overnight treatment. Washing it out was easy and after using my normal shampoo I was really happy to feel how soft my hair was when dried. It works great at giving the hair a nice shine and leaving it looking healthy.

I was really surprised to see how well this product works, it is a little expensive as prices on the site start from £10 however when it released on June 1st I highly recommend purchasing one!

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