Nip And Fab Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads

In a spur of the moment purchase I picked up the Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads which I though would be a gimmick product that I had just wasted £10 on but to my shock and amazement I was blown away with how well the pads work and how they make my skin look.

You use the pads in the morning and in the evening and with one pad it removes your make up and any daily grim on the face. That means you pay for one months worth of face pads, which may seem to much for the price you pay but as it works so well it's worth it. I was a bit worried it would take more then one pad to remove my make up but was shocked to see one pad got through my make up and cleansed my face nicely.

The way it works is in a simple way of using two acids hyaluronic which hydrates the skin to appear plumper, salicylic acid deeply cleanses the pores and then a simple dose of Dragons Blood which adds comfort while restoring the skin. It may seem scary and odd to add acid to the face but a small amount won't do any harm and you will find most of the acids in your everyday skincare which you wouldn't even think contains them.

I've seen a massive difference in my skin since using the pads and every now and then in Superdrug I can pick them up for half price which makes it a lot nicer to purchase! What's your go to cleanser?

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