Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay

I've been suffering with my hair care for a while now and I thought I had found my go to product but then the price when sky high and I had to go out to purchase a new one. I had seen the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range advertised everywhere and when I saw it in the store I had to go and check it out to see if all the fuss was worth it, after taking a look and seeing if it was any good I decided to purchase a shampoo and the masque as well.

The design is fresh and simple with a blue toned mint green shade of bottles that keep in tone with the rest of the Loreal range it's eye catching and makes you want to pick it up the moment you see it on the shelve. The bottle is a large 400ml and the mask is in a smaller 150ml tube which fit nicely in my cabinet without taken up to much room.

So the products work with keeping the roots oil free and dry ends hydrated, it designed to keep the hair fresh for 72 hours to stop with over washing and to add a healthy bounce to the hair. The product is thick and goes on the hair almost like a dye which is hard to get use to at first but once used a few times will feel ok. The mask is very thick and coats the top of the roots to help with the oil as it's only applied to the roots it works well as keeping them clean and fresh, it only needs 10 minutes to work its magic and once washed out you see an improvement right away.

After using the shampoo and mask for a few weeks now I can say it does work well for controlling my roots although it is a little harsh for sensitive skin, my ends feel soft and hydrated and my hair does have a nice little bounce to it which has impressed me a lot. The range is a nice mid range to go for and will set you back around £10 for the full set.

Have you got a perfect shampoo to suit your hair?

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