Kiko Milano Smart Lipstick 927

Kiko Milano is slowly becoming a brand I know and trust at creating great make up products that do the job at affordable prices. I was browsing there Birmingham branch just outside the Bullring shopping centre when I came across there smart lipstick range, I couldn't help and buy one at the great price of £3.90.

927 is a very pretty rose shade which is intense and bright while still looking delicate and pretty, I love how it looks on the lips and almost makes them look like your lips but better. The lipstick is from the rich and nourishing range and 100% does that, it feels glossy and moisturising yet doesn't feel to sticky which I love.

It goes on the lips nicely and doesn't dry them out, it does have a small amount of transfer but nothing to major. It lasts for around 2-3 hours before the need to re apply however its a small lipstick so fits into the handbag nicely without taking it to much room.

The packaging is a simple black matte tin with a plain logo of the brand, it doesn't scream out buy me yet it looks classy enough to be picked up on the shelves. I love the simple approach to make up products so it's a massive win for me to have a great working product with such a classy nice packaging.

Have you tried any Kiko Milano products yet? What is your favourite?

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