Garnier Eye MakeUp Remover

It's important to pick the right cleanser to remove any make up from the skin so when it comes to removing my eye makeup I was after a brand I knew I could trust but also one that works well, so I picked up the Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Makeup Remover.

The bottle looks pretty exciting with a clear liquid and added purple liquid that sits on top of the clear one to look impressive on the shelve. It comes in a small 125ml bottle but as you only need a small amount it doesn't cost to much to replace a bottle as it doesn't run out for a good few weeks, I picked up a bottle at Superdrug for £3.49.

Once applied onto the cotton pad I simply hold it against my eye and keep it there for around 10 seconds before gently wiping it away. It removes even my waterproof mascara and when I use glitter on my eyes it takes it off without any scrubbing or worries. I find that it doesn't irritate my eyes or hurt them in anyway as well as leaving them make up free.

I've been using it for around three months now and keep re purchasing it! What's your go to eye makeup remover?

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