Victoria Secret Eau So Sexy

I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with a scent until I picked up a new rollerball perfume from the Victoria Secret counter in Birmingham airport. I picked it up for £16 as I wasn't sure how I would feel about the perfume and now I'm kicking myself as I wished I'd picked the bottle up instead! However as I'm back in Birmingham airport in a months time that's my first stop!

The bottle design in lovely with the classic rollerball with an added twist of a chunky bow on the lid, this is so eye catching and draws all the attention into the bottle which I love. The writing on the bottle is large chunky and really draws the eye in with simple black and then girly pink for the sexy which I really think stands out and makes the bottle look a bit more appealing then a normal rollerball perfume.

The scent is not what you think as with the name being eau so sexy you are thinking of a (excuse my french) slutty scent however it's a really classy sweet scent with heavenly floral tones as well as fruity tones, it's quite a young scent that you would match to a teen but I love it and can't stop wearing it!

Do you own any Victoria Secret scents? Which is your favorite?

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