Sure Bright Bouquet Deodorant Review

An odd one for my blog today I've decided to review the current deodorant I'm using. It's from the brand Sure which I've seen a lot of and heard loads about it but never really brought a product from the brand before. I was in my local Boots when I came across the deodorant for £1 so picked it up to give it a go and see how it worked.

The scent is very fresh and almost smells like perfume which I really love, it's strawberry and apricot which you wouldn't think goes but it does which is very surprising. It's very fresh and leaves you feeling protected but also like you can skip perfumes some mornings.

The deodorant works well and keeps me protected for the whole day, it has a long lasting scent and doesn't need to be topped up in the day. I also have very sensitive skin and it hasn't caused me to have a flair up or hasn't irritated me at all which is really great.

I'm not one to share my deodorant but when it's one I love I can't help myself!

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