Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks

I'm a sucker for anything in the clearance section at Boots and was amazed to see three Soap and Glory lipsticks sat there with a £1 price tag, I wasn't just going to leave them there so picked them up and got to the till for another surprised as they were in the 3for2 offer meaning I managed to pick up three Soap and Glory lipsticks for a grand total of £2!

Super Nude is from the Matte range and is pretty much a your lips but better lipstick with a lovely caramel toned nude look which sits on the lips nicely to create a lovely everyday lip shade. Its in the matte packaging of a simple black design and classic pink logo, it's very classic and looks great in my collection. The matte tone works well at not drying the lips out and doesn't cling to any dry areas with I love.

Pom Pom is from the same matte range and comes in the same packaging but still has the great factors of not being drying but still looking great. This shade is a dark rose tone which looks lovely on the lips and looks great as an everyday or evening lip shade.

The Missing Pink is from the satin range and feels amazing on the lips with a satin touch and gloss tone it looks impressive and feels great. The lipstick makes the lips look healthy and doesn't dry them out while keeping them looking good for around 4 hours. The packaging is a shiny tin design with a golden twist centre that looks great when out and about if you need to re apply.

I'm very happy with my Soap and Glory bargain and love wearing the lipsticks, have you tried them out before what did you think of the range?

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