Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation Lipstick

Every girl needs a new red lipstick and I'm not one to deny myself a new one so I picked up one from the Kiko Milano store in Amsterdam and I've not been let down. The lipstick is number 03 which is a very bright red and not one for someone who wants to shy away, so it's very much a going out to a party type of lipstick.

The packaging is a thin stick type pen which is a bright red packaging with simple silver writing, it doesn't really stand out but it's still a great lipstick to own. It's thin and lightweight which is handy when out drinking but it's also easy to lose so keep your eye on it when out and about!

The lipstick is a very smooth and glossy one to go for it surprised me with how nourishing and nice it felt on the lips, it feels almost like a lip balm which I love. It doesn't bleed out and doesn't fade after time with a great long lasting effect, however it does transfer a little on glasses and if you happen to give someone a kiss on the cheek it will transfers on to them.

I love how this lipstick looks and how it feels is even better, I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking for a new lipstick. What are you thoughts on the brand?

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