Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil 705

I've never used a lip pencil before but whilst I was in Amsterdam I saw an offer I couldn't refuse and picked one up in a 5 products for 10 euros offer. I normally just apply lipstick and go so it's quite a novelty for me to own a lip pencil, when I first tried it I found it quite hard to get a straight line and to get it right but after using it for the last few weeks I've got the hang of it and can say I love it.

It's a simple design of a normal pencil with a silver lid and silver writing on which is a great eye catching design to go for. It's small so fits into my going out bag nicely although once applied I find I don't need to top up. It's a nice sturdy pencil so the product doesn't break or get damaged which I like and it also blends really nicely onto the lips to create a great lip look.

I've matched the product to my MAC Morange and it's the perfect match as it's an orange toned red it works really well and matches my MAC lipstick with no problems. It really helps with keeping my lipstick from bleeding out but also helps my lips to look bigger and nicer on nights out which I really love.

The lip liner has changed my mind on future pencils and hopefully when I'm next browsing a Kiko Milano branch I can get my hands on a few more!

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