Guardian Of The Forest Lush Bath Bomb

This strong scented green bath bomb is not one I would normally go for but it drew me in from the reviews online, I purchase one and was immediately greeted by an earthly rose oil scent and heavenly tones of lime. It looks just like it smells with earthly tones and citrus hits it's very much a great scented and great looking bath bomb.

It fills the bath with swirls of green and the water stays a deep dark green shade right until you pull the plug, it doesn't stain the bath and doesn't harm sensitive skin. It was a calm fizzer and took around 5 minutes to fill the bath completely making it relaxing and calming which I loved.

This would be a great bath bomb for both males and females and with it's sensitive tones I feel you could get away with giving it to a child as well, for only £3.95 it's a great purchase and if you are able to separate the bath bomb you could easily get two baths out of it.

It's still available on the website so I'm hoping it's a product that's going to stay! Have you tried the bath bomb out what did you think of it?

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