Zoella Soak Opera Review

As one of my Christmas gifts this year I was given a 100ml mini version of Zoella's Soak Opera which is a bath soak and a shower cream. I love the Zoella beauty range and will always take a peek when in store to see what has been added, the full sized 480ml bottle of Soak Opera costs just £5 which is a great price to pay.

It's from the original range so is fresh with a floral scent which fills the room and stays on the skin all day, the packaging is the same pale pink with rose gold detailing and a bright pink lid. The tube is very easy to use in the shower and easy to use when squeezing out some for the bath, it's also a great travel sized tube, which is pretty perfect for me when going on my travels.

I first used this product as a shower cream and was really surprised which how little I needed to use to lather up and wash with. It cleaned me well and left my skin feeling moisturised while leaving me with a fresh and floral scent all day which I loved.

I then used it as a bath soak and wasn't sure what to except but was really happy to see a bath full of bubbles and felt even happier when getting into the floral scented bath which felt soft and almost like it was nourishing my skin right await.

I love the product and would happily buy the full sized bottle, what Zoella Beauty item do you like the most?

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