Reckless Love InVader Album Review

Reckless Love are a Finnish glam metal band that have been together since 2001, they released there debut album in 2010 which was self titled and then in 2011 released Animal Attraction followed by Spirit in 2013 and lastly Invader last month. I've had the album now for a month and love there new work I've been listening to it non stop so today I wanted to do a mini review and also introduce you to the band if you don't already know them.

There are 4 members of the band singer Olli Herman, guitarist Pepe Reckless, drummer Hessu Maxx and bass player Jalle Verne, if you are following them on social media who will see the love and dedication each member has for the band which is one thing I love about them.

The Invader cd album artwork shows how close of a band Reckless Love are with the gig like huddle and simple wording in a cd that stand outs while having a lot of character. The back of the album it shows how fun and loving the band are with an impressive picture of all band members and again the simple plain wording.

The album is very much a rock/pop/metal album with songs that suit everyone from families to rockers to people who want to sing and dance there is a track for everyone. My favorites have to be Scandinavian Girls which starts of slow with lyrics that grip you before going into a catchy chorus that sticks in your head for the whole day, Keep It Up All Night is a great song to show there darker side and more of there metal side which is great to listen to when you want to secretly rock out when no one is looking, Let's Get Cracking really shows how much fun Reckless Love are and it's a great song when you're drinking and want to get a party started.

If you want to check out Reckless Love you can find them on most social media accounts or by going to there website here ! They have just completed there UK tour but already have tour dates for Europe so if you happen to be in a city there touring in then I would highly suggest checking them out!

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