Primark Beauty Moisture Rich Lipstick

I've never really tried out any of the Primark beauty range before so when I was browsing my local store I decided to pick out a lipstick to try out and do a review with. I was happy to see the price tag of £1.50 and was very open minding as to what to except from the range and the lipstick.

The packaging is very simple with a black base with gold writing on and a clear lid to show of the shade of lipstick. It's a solid square shaped lipstick so stands out and is great as a display lipstick, I love how simple the packaging is and how it stands out for being so simple.

The shade I went for is a pale pink toned lipstick which is perfect for everyday use and basic make up routines, it also looks nice when wearing to work as it isn't to bright but adds enough colour to make your lips stand out a little.

The lipstick claims to be a moisture rich however I felt it was much more of a good basic lipstick, I was comparing it to high end lipsticks that are also moisture rich and it was just lacking that special something. It is however a really good lipstick that looks lovely on.

Have you try Primark Beauty yet?

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