My Trip To Amsterdam

Wowee has Amsterdam been good! I only wished I had gone for longer but my three nights have been amazing and I've experience so much from such a small city that this blog post may be a long one. I'm going to try to sum it up all for you and try to explain my new love for Amsterdam.

I stay in a hostel near the museum quarter and was just a 2 minute walk away from the Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. The hostel was called Inner and was the perfect place to stay, with a large double bed and my own bathroom it was very much more of a hotel then a hostel. As I was so close to the museum I visited those first and went along to the Van Gogh museum which showed the life of Van Gogh, his friends and his best selling work. The Stedelijk was next and the modern art museum was really something special, I spent so long there I couldn't visit the last one Rijksmuseum!

On my next day it was a trip to Artis Zoo which really blew me away with how nice and open it was, with no cages and large walls just open animals which I really liked. The butterfly room and small aquarium were bonuses on the trip and made it that much more special and really worth the visit. I also went along to the Heineken experience and loved how much fun it was and how much there was to see and do, a tour of the factory and of course trying the beer was excepted but all the games and fun ride in the middle made it much more fun!

The city centre is something worth visiting as the Dam is very impressive and has the cutest shops surrounding it. The Red Light District is something that is a must see even if you're shy of seeing those things, it was odd seeing women in the windows at 10am though I must admit. Nine Lanes is another great place to go and seeing all the shops was very fun but also quite dangerous on the old purse, I loved how most of the lanes I walked down seem to take me back to the Dam which was fun. One of my favorite shops to visit was a cheese store called Cheese and More which had amazing sample of all types of cheeses including my favorite Rum!

I got around the city using the Hop On Hop Off tour bus method which I 100% recommend, there are so many bad drivers and a lot of bikes that it's quite hard to get around the city on foot so using the bus were very handy for me and it covers most of the city!

Hopefully that gives you a taste of my trip away and make you want to visit the city of Amsterdam, I'll be going into a lot more detail on my travel blog if you want to take a look and I've also put up two vlogs which are down below!

I hope you liked this post, let me know if it's inspired you to go to Amsterdam!

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