Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This year Lush have brought out some amazing products for there Mothers Day collection and one of those has been the Rose Bombshell which I picked up recently to try out. It's a very large bath bomb and if it was easy to split you could easily get two baths out of it, for only £3.95 it's a great price for such a great bath bomb.

The scent is a very heavy rose with a slight and subtle citrus which blends so nicely together, if you don't enjoy the fresh rose scent I wouldn't suggest this product as the scent is very strong and heavenly which fills the room and the bath nicely while lasting on the skin for the whole day.

The product fizzes very quickly in the bath and the bath very quickly fills with a lovely pink shade of almost hot pink but not quite. It also has an added touch of pale yellow petals which was very nice and it has quite a few which when freed from the bath bomb float around the bath adding a nice relaxing touch.

I loved this product its very fresh and relaxing while being fun with added touches throughout, if you can get your hands on one I would highly suggest buying one! Have you brought any of the Mother Days products yet?

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