Kiko Milano Eye Shadow 146 & 138

I'm not one to wear eye shadow as I've never really found one suitable for my oily eyes but whilst I was in Amsterdam I picked up two from the brand Kiko Milano. This brand is a European brand which is slowly opening branches in the UK and is a great affordable brand to go for.

I picked up two highly pigmented eye shadows in the shades 146 the pink tone and 138 the orange tone, I was a little worried about the fact there highly pigmented as I swatched one in store and it was very bright but after blending it in store it blended into a really nice shade on my hand so I went ahead and picked up two shades.

The pink tone is a very girly shade to go for with added shimmer and once blended looks great as a everyday summer eye shadow. The orange shade however is a matte shade and looks amazing as a going out eye shadow and one to wear when you want everyone to look at your eyes. I found both of them easy to blend and also easy to create really nice make up looks.

After wearing both the eye shadows (not at the same time!) for around 8 hours there was a little fading but nothing to major and my oily eye lids had managed to not ruin the look which really impressed me. They are also really easy to remove with a bit of eye make up remover they came of nicely, as well as not effecting my sensitive skin!

Have you tried the brand out yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I love Kiko products and their eyeshadows are amazing and super affordable. Lovely colors you've got there!:)