Amsterdam - What's In My Wash Bag

I'm going to Amsterdam in 2 days so I've managed to get my case together and have packed most off the items I'm taking. I've got my wash bag all together so thought I would share with you what I'm taking, I've mostly gone for minis and a lot of pamper products!

For shower gel I've gone for my mini Snow Fairy by Lush I love this product its one I pick up each year when Lush bring out there Christmas range so it was a must when packing my case. For my hair I picked up the TRESemme Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner a brand I know and love and always pick up there hair products when there on offer or if they have the minis available.

For skincare I wanted to go over board on the pamper items as I can never have a good pamper session at home due to sharing the bathroom with my family. So for make up wipes I've picked up a new brand to try out which is the Yes to Blueberries which is a brand I've heard loads about and I can't wait to try them out. My cleansing gel is a mini sample I got from The Organic Pharmacy I've got the Rose Facial Cleansing Gel which I've not seen too many reviews off so I'm looking forward to seeing if its any good. I'm bring along two face masks and I've picked up a Forever 21 Lavender Sheet Mask which I've tried before and adore so I wanted to bring one along with me, but a newbie that I've not used before is the Sephora Ginseng Sleeping Mask which I'm very much looking forward to using.

I've got a few little essential items to bring along such as my Venus Snap Razor which is a perfect razor for any travelers out there, it's small and compact but does the job well. I've got my Boots Ear Plugs as you never know if your neighbour will be noisy or not! The perfume i'm taking with me is a Roller ball and it's the River Island NYC which is great for anyone on the go and needs something small and compact. As a nice hair treatment I'm taking along my small sample bottle of Argania Hair Oil which is a must for any travelers as it works so well on the hair to make it feel back to normal after a long day of travelling.

Lastly I have my Tangle Teezer which works so well in my hair that it was a must to bring along. My deo which is one from Sure which works well but also has a lovely scent to it called Radiant Sunshine. My toothpaste is just my everyday one which is Sensodyne Rapid Relief which is a must for anyone with sensitive teeth, I also just have my normal toothbrush but I have a handy Boots Brush Clip that protects my toothbrush for any leaks or overly smelling items!

My next post will be what's in my make up case and then my outfits, I'll be scheduling these posts so you will still have something to read while I'm on holiday!

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