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I'm currently in Amsterdam right now but wanted to schedule a few posts for you to enjoy while I'm away so today I've got my outfits that I'm taking with me and also what I'm travelling in. I wanted to go with quite late winter spring outfits so there quite dark and contain a lot of black but I love each of these outfits so here is my first one which is my travel outfit and what I wore on the flight:

I went with my khaki dress which is very lightweight and doesn't cling to much to my body but it works well for travelling as it's quite snugly while looking quite effortless. I've teamed it with my knitted grey marl jacket with leather sleeves to give it a more of a edgy look whilst keeping me warm. I've kept it simple with shoes and gone with boots which work well with all my outfits. Lastly my necklace is a a simple long bow which is easy to remove but makes the outfit look a little more put together.

For look two it's another dress and this time I've gone for my black jumper dress which is perfect for exploring in as it looks great but is also very warm. I've put it with my jacket again as they match well but also decided to accessorize it with a scarf instead of jewelry as it layers well so I've added my burgundy skull scarf and also my trusted boots.

For outfit number three it's my favorite look of a grey jumper but an added white collar which I love, a little bit of a problem with the Paris print in Amsterdam but I love the look so much I opted to bring it! I've just gone with black skinny jeans and my boots but added my cat watch and simple studded earrings as this outfit is quite load already without added accessorizes.

Lastly to come home I've gone with my black skinny jeans and a burnt orange jumper which looks so snugly on and is! I thought I would go for comfort again to travel home and this look really does that while still looking quite fashionable. I've added the long necklace from the first look as it works well and of course the boots!

So that's my Amsterdam lookbook for you!

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  1. Great outfits! Have a great time in Amsterdam!

    F x