Amsterdam Haul

Last week I was mooching the streets of Amsterdam and picked up a few items from there famous Nine Streets stores, I also got to spend a whole hour in the airport duty free stores and picked up some great bargains! So here is what I brought on my recent trip to Amsterdam.

One of my favorite brands is MAC so when I go through Duty Free I always pick up a few of there items, this time I picked up a new lipstick and a new blusher. From the new Retro Matte range I picked up the To Matte With Love which is a lovely dark pink tone ideal for summer or winter, the lipstick was only £17 in the airport rather then the £21 high street price tag. I also picked up a mineralize blush in the shade Petal Power which is such a pretty coral pink tone with a gold shimmer which looks lovely on, I picked it up for £18 instead of the £22 high street price tag.

I'm off to a wedding in June so I picked up a few items for that which are two jewelry pieces, a new earring with a twist and a ankle bracelet. The earring was something that caught my eye with it being in the half price section so instead of being £6 it was £3 which is a great bargain, it's a standard earring but has a longer design and clips on top of the ear, I thought this would love great in summer when my hair is up. I also brought an ankle bracelet for £5 which is such a cute simple design that I thought would look great with a pair of sandals.

Victoria Secret 
I love browsing Victoria Secret as the shop is so bright and always has such cute undies but also a great selection of perfumes, so for just £16 I picked up a new roller ball perfume. It's called Eau So Sexy and is in such a pretty bottle design with an added bow on the top and classic slim roller ball design, it really stands out from my other roller balls and draws all the attention in to itself which I love.

Forever 21
I only picked up one item from the store in the Nine Streets and that was a lovely little red bow that I thought would look lovely to wear all year round. It's a nice decent size not to big but to not small either which I love. It was a great price of 3 euros and fits nicely in the hair with its large grip.

Kiko Milano
The last store I visited and the one I got the most from as they had such a great offer on off 5 products for 10 euros which was to good to miss. I picked up two lovely bright eye shadows in a bright pink and orange shade. I also got a new lip liner which matches my MAC Morange perfectly so I was very happy to make this purchase. I picked up a new red lipstick in a great slim packaging which looks great on and fits very nicely into my going out bag. Lastly I got a new lip gloss in a lovely dark pink tone that looks great on and really nourishes the lips without being to sticky.

So that is everything I picked up from Amsterdam I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you have tried any of the products out and what you thought of them.

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