Kiko Milano Eye Shadow 146 & 138

I'm not one to wear eye shadow as I've never really found one suitable for my oily eyes but whilst I was in Amsterdam I picked up two from the brand Kiko Milano. This brand is a European brand which is slowly opening branches in the UK and is a great affordable brand to go for.

Reckless Love InVader Album Review

Reckless Love are a Finnish glam metal band that have been together since 2001, they released there debut album in 2010 which was self titled and then in 2011 released Animal Attraction followed by Spirit in 2013 and lastly Invader last month. I've had the album now for a month and love there new work I've been listening to it non stop so today I wanted to do a mini review and also introduce you to the band if you don't already know them.

Spring Make Up Picks

Spring has sprung upon us and is out in all it's glory so today's post is all about my make up picks for the next few months before summer hits us. I switch my make up up quite a lot so it's always changing and I always have something new on my face but for Spring I've gone for some nice light pink tones.

Amsterdam Haul

Last week I was mooching the streets of Amsterdam and picked up a few items from there famous Nine Streets stores, I also got to spend a whole hour in the airport duty free stores and picked up some great bargains! So here is what I brought on my recent trip to Amsterdam.

One of my favorite brands is MAC so when I go through Duty Free I always pick up a few of there items, this time I picked up a new lipstick and a new blusher. From the new Retro Matte range I picked up the To Matte With Love which is a lovely dark pink tone ideal for summer or winter, the lipstick was only £17 in the airport rather then the £21 high street price tag. I also picked up a mineralize blush in the shade Petal Power which is such a pretty coral pink tone with a gold shimmer which looks lovely on, I picked it up for £18 instead of the £22 high street price tag.

My Trip To Amsterdam

Wowee has Amsterdam been good! I only wished I had gone for longer but my three nights have been amazing and I've experience so much from such a small city that this blog post may be a long one. I'm going to try to sum it up all for you and try to explain my new love for Amsterdam.

Amsterdam - Outfits

I'm currently in Amsterdam right now but wanted to schedule a few posts for you to enjoy while I'm away so today I've got my outfits that I'm taking with me and also what I'm travelling in. I wanted to go with quite late winter spring outfits so there quite dark and contain a lot of black but I love each of these outfits so here is my first one which is my travel outfit and what I wore on the flight:

Amsterdam - What's In My Wash Bag

I'm going to Amsterdam in 2 days so I've managed to get my case together and have packed most off the items I'm taking. I've got my wash bag all together so thought I would share with you what I'm taking, I've mostly gone for minis and a lot of pamper products!

Dove Oxygen and Moisture Shampoo

I'm a sucker for anything on promotion or if something looks different I pretty much have to buy it, so while browsing my local Boots I came across the Dove Oxygen and Moisture shampoo for only £2.99 reduced from £5.99. I've heard a bit about the product but it's never really been spoke about that much that I've wanted to buy it, so I was pleasantly surprised when trying it out with how well it works.

Zoella Soak Opera Review

As one of my Christmas gifts this year I was given a 100ml mini version of Zoella's Soak Opera which is a bath soak and a shower cream. I love the Zoella beauty range and will always take a peek when in store to see what has been added, the full sized 480ml bottle of Soak Opera costs just £5 which is a great price to pay.

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This year Lush have brought out some amazing products for there Mothers Day collection and one of those has been the Rose Bombshell which I picked up recently to try out. It's a very large bath bomb and if it was easy to split you could easily get two baths out of it, for only £3.95 it's a great price for such a great bath bomb.

Primark Beauty Moisture Rich Lipstick

I've never really tried out any of the Primark beauty range before so when I was browsing my local store I decided to pick out a lipstick to try out and do a review with. I was happy to see the price tag of £1.50 and was very open minding as to what to except from the range and the lipstick.

TRESemme Perfectly (Un) Done Dry Defining Spray

I've been using Tresemme since my teens and it's a brand I also go back to and like to try out as I know there products well and love using them, I was browsing Superdrug and came across the Perfectly UnDone spray and as I always use the sea foam from the range I wanted to pick up the spray to test that out. I found it in the clearance section for only 50p which was surprising as the spray works really well.