Zoella Mini Bath Fizzers

At Christmas one of my gifts was the Zoella bath fizzers from her Christmas range, I've had them on display for a while now and have only just used two as I have loved having them on display due to how cute and pretty they look. They came in a glass jar with pink bow around and the little gold balls look to good to use, however I finally got around to using them and here is how I got on.

I ran myself a bath and then added just one fizzer to see how it went, after unwrapping the little gold ball you are left with a small round ball of the original fizz bar. It has the same lovely floral scent that fills the bathroom and leaves you wanting more while clinging to the skin making you smell very fresh for the rest of the day.

Popping it into the bath left me with a small fizzing ball and not a lot else apart from the lovely scent so I added another one and let them fizz away gently and enjoyed my bath. There are very much a pamper and relax bath fizzer which is great after a hard day at work or when you need some me time.

Did you manage to pick up the bath fizzers and try them out, what were your thoughts?
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