Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory

I'm a sucker for new lip products and have a shameful amount in my make up drawers, but whilst I was browsing my local Boots I came across there clearance stand and among the selection was Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker for just £4.

I love the packaging for this lip gloss as the size is perfect for handbags and is small enough to place into a going out clutch as well. It has a simple black lid and black glossy writing on which is easy to read, but the tube itself is a matte effect which I think looks great.

The gloss has a lovely scent of chocolate raspberry which is very moreish and smells very sweet, the texture of the gloss is very thick and sticky so wont be to some people taste but if you don't mind overly sticky glosses then it's a great product to go for.

I applied it to my lips and as it's a plumping lip gloss my lips began to tingle right away, it was a bearable tingle and didn't hurt at all, it also went away after around 5 minutes or so. It left my lips feeling and looking a little plumper but not to much that I looked silly.

I love the shade of lip gloss you get with this product it's a clear berry tone and looks great as an everyday lip gloss but also layered on top of a lipstick it looks great on a night out. The plumping effect works well over lipsticks as well so there's no worry wearing it over other products.

Have you tried the Soap and Glory lip range? What's your favorite product from the range?

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  1. Their lip lacquers are amazing, even stickier than the gloss, but they last for hours and are perfect for that bright pop of colour! :) x