Rimmel Lasting Finish Review

For the last 6 months I've been using a BBcream and wanted to switched things up and try going back to a foundation set, I was browsing my local Superdrug and came across the Rimmel range. I have used Rimmel in the past so know it works well, I was really drawn into the Lasting Finish range which boasts at being a full coverage set so I picked them up to try them out.

The packaging is eye catching and bright with red being the main colour, it really draws you in and just screams out at you so I was immediately picking this set up on the shelves. I picked up the foundation, powder and concealer which are all good sized products.

The foundation is a nice shade which suits my skin shade of light porcelain and goes onto the skin well when using a foundation brush and a sponge which I like. The coverage is very much a full one and covers most of my blemishes while making my face look made up enough I can get away with it being work and going out make up.

The powder is one that can be used as a foundation when added to water or a gel but also can be used as a simple powder. It goes well over the foundation and doesn't stick to my foundation to make my skin look cakey, it also covers any areas that my foundation hasn't. I love to use this on it's own as a foundation when I'm having a lazy day or just popping out to the shops.

The concealer comes in a little handy pot and is a cream so goes onto the skin nicely when applied to a brush or sponge. It covers my blemishes well and doesn't add to many layers to the foundation which I love. It does however look a lot lighter then the rest of the range so I only tend to use a small amount.

The range works really well for my skin type of combination and its defiantly a full coverage range, have you tried them out yet what did you think of the range?

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  1. I love the foundation, its great coverage! :)

    F x