Make Up Revolution Primer Review

It's no secret that Make Up Revolution is one of my favorite brands, I always have a piece of there make up on and my make up drawers are full of there products. So when I was out shopping for new make up I was drawn in to there Primer, I use to use primers a lot but recently I stopped so I wanted to try out a new one to get my back into the habit of using one.

At £5 it's not a cheap item but once you get to use it you will feel like it's £5 well spent, the product is available to buy from most Superdrugs. The packaging is the basic Make Up Revolution packaging which I really like, it's a plain very light pink tube with a simple black lid and rose gold writing. The tube is easy to use and the product being slim fits right into my make up case that I don't need to worry to much about it.

The product is an odd one as the texture is very much like rubbing silk onto the skin, for me at first it felt weird and I was almost going to give up and not use it but after a few uses I got use to it and now love it. It goes on as a clear gel and takes around a minute or two to soak in enough that you can add your foundation.

I wear it under my work make up mostly so for around 12 hours and have noticed a massive improvement in my make up and love how my make up is still on after a hard day at work. It makes my make up go on easier without going cakey, as well as smoothing everything out which I love.

Overall it's a great primer to go for and I love using it everyday, it is a little pricey but it's really worth the money. What Primer do you reach for each day?

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