Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

Lush has a great range of shower gels and lotions that smell incredible and leave the skin feeling amazing, they also sell a great range of shower jelly's as well which are very fun and also smell amazing while leaving the skin super soft and fresh. Ranging from £3.75 and for a 100g pot you can't go wrong.

This lemon zing of a shower jelly really wakes me up in the morning and my skin loves me for using it, it's refreshing and smells incredible while cleaning my skin nicely. It has a smell that really wakes you up and packs a punch while still being calming to use, it lasts all day on the skin so you will never lose the scent on the product for to long.

The texture is of a jelly consistence so it can be quick tricky to use but once you get the hang of it then its normally very easy. I've used the jelly's in the past and one pot normally lasts me around a month and half so you do get your moneys worth with this product.

Have you tried any of the shower jelly's from Lush yet?

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