Lush Big Bang Review

Lush have done it again and created another fabulous bubble bar, Big Bang is from the winter 2015 range and was very much a fun and creative bubble bar to use at only £3.75 it was worth the money and defiantly worth the purchase.

This bright round bubble bar is very eye catching and really draws you in, with its pink double star and little dots of yellow surrounding a blue bar it's very bright and screams buy me. The scent was very fresh and zesty with lemon and grapefruit oils mixed together you can't go wrong.

The amount of bubbles in my bath was just the right amount to cover the bath but not be to much you scared your going to flood the bathroom with bubbles. It was a nice easy bar to crumble under the water and worked it's magic straight away, while the blue inviting water looks like it should be splashed about in.

The product is still available online and I'm sure it's still in stores! Have you picked one up yet?

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