An Honest Contraceptive Implant Chat

For the last six years I've been protected from pregnancy by using a contraceptive implant and wanted to share with you today my experiences and what actually happens when going for the implant option. All the opinions are my own and I'm not trained in health in any way, I just wanted to share my honest opinion.

Fitting the implant was very easy and pain free, I was able to get it fitted at my local doctors surgery and after an appointment talking to my doctor about my opinions we both decided the implant was a good choice. The nurse fitted it with a simple procedure of injecting the skin with a local anesthetic to numb the area, then a small cut is made before the implant is placed into the arm and then the area is closed using a plaster and a bandage.

The area felt very sore for a while and there was some bruising but it wasn't to painful, after around four days my arm was healed nicely and I was able to take the plaster off. The bandage comes off after 24 hours and after it comes off you are able to shower and get the area wet. The bruising lasted around a week and then disappeared.  

How the implant works is it stops the release of the egg from the ovary as well as thickening the cervical mucus to stop any sperm getting through. I experience the loss of my period for the whole time I had the implant up until the last 6 months and then I suddenly had them come back lasting around 7-9 days and being very heavy.

I also had a lot of other things happen to my body such as bad acne which wouldn't clear up and very sore and tender boobs which got quite painful. I would sometimes get bad headaches and my mood would be all over the place. Everyone suffers differently when on the implant so my problems may not be the same as yours.

To remove the implant it's again a very simple procedure, a nurse will numb the area and make a small cut before removing the implant and then placing a plaster over the top. It again was pain free and did the same as before bruised and became a little sore but nothing to major.

I've really liked having the implant and would of happily had it again but due to the fact my symptoms such as headache and bad moods I opted to remove it. I had mine replace once as you only have the implant for three years, so went through two removals and two insertions.

I hope this post was informative and gave you some advice as to what to expect if you're looking into getting the implant!

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