The Library Of Fragrance - Thunderstorm

I did a small review of this product in my blogmas as I got it in a secret santa swap but I wanted to do a full review on the product. The Library Of Fragrance is available online or in Boots and cost's £15 for one bottle of fragrance which is unisex.

The packaging is very plain as the bottle is unisex so needs to appeal to both men and women, so it's a simple glass bottle design with a large long silver lid which when taken of reveals a simple spritz bottle. The wording is simple and gives you a simple description of the product what you are getting and the name, I love this approach it makes it look good next to the over the top bottles which draws in my attention more.

It's hard to describe the scent of this product its a very toned down subtle musky scent which has some hints of wood in there. I would say this is more of a manly product but it does smell good as an everyday scent and I could easily get away with wearing it without getting anyone question it.

It would be perfect for anyone that likes men sprays but doesn't want to pick one out or wear them, but also for anyone who doesn't like to fruity or strong scented products. I love wearing it to tone down an outfit or for everyday to work as it's a very calming scent.

Have you tried any of The Library Of Fragrance scents, which is your favorite?

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  1. I love LoF!! I have their "Dirt" spray and it's such a peculiar and interesting scent!!
    They really just capture things perfectly :)
    Gillian xx