Santa Cruz Album Review

Santa Cruz is the self titled album by Finnish hard rock band lead by Archie Cruz, bass player Middy, drummer Tazzy and guitarist Johnny. March 2015 saw them release there 2nd album Santa Cruz which is much heavier then there previous album Screaming For Adrenaline, there main influences are Guns and Roses and Skid Row.

I recently started listening to the band due to Archie connection with one of my favorite bands The 69 Eyes, he and Jussi 69 both perform together in the band The Local Bands. I started listening to the band and after checking out each member I started to listen to Santa Cruz, buying the album was pretty easy as it was available to order in my local HMV for just £9.99.

My favorite track on the album is Wasted and Wounded which features catchy lyrics and heavy guitar riffs, it would be easy to class this track as being a bit to heavy but then it's so catchy I normally get lost in the song!

Another favorite is Can You Feel The Rain which is sung so hauntingly beautifully that it's very hard to not love it, it's a lot softer and makes you really see the band in a whole new light while still sounding like a glam rock song!

Santa Cruz along with Reckless Love are on tour in the UK this March and tickets are only £12, I shall be going along to the Wolverhampton gig so if you are going to this date let me know.

Tour Dates:
March 4th - Bristol
March 5th - Wolverhampton 
March 6th - Leeds
March 7th - Newcastle
March 9th - Glasgow 
March 10th - Manchester 
March 12th - Nottingham

For tickets and more info you can find the band here!  

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