Pretty & Witty Bath Set

I've seen this brand before but never picked up any pieces so I was happy to see a bath set in my Christmas gifts this year. I received the body butter, bubble bath and body wash as well as a lovely little case which I adore.

The packaging and design of this range is very cute and pretty with cats and pastel colours it's a very girly cute design. The bottles are 140ml which is a great travel size and the body butter is 100ml which again would be perfect for travelling. The case is a great medium sized case so i'll be using it quite a lot as I don't have many this size.

The body butter has a very nice fruity scent which smells almost like raspberry but a mix of something else in there as well. It's very thick and goes onto the skin quite thick as well so it does take a while to sink in but is a very luxurious product that works great on a pamper night.

The bubble bath smells incredible and is such a lovely fruity scent that I could smell it all day and not get bored with it. I only need a small amount to get a nice lather of bubbles for my bath that seem to last for the whole bath as well which I love. It also has a lovely violet shade to the lotion but goes a nice clear shade in the water which I thought was a nice touch.

The green body wash lathers up nicely and washes the body well while only needing a small amount, it again has the lovely scent to it and is very much a luxury item to have. I can see myself loving this range as it works so well and can easily rave about it!

Have you tried the range from Boots yet? What did you think of there products?

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