My New Year Resolutions

2015 went by rather quick so it feel odd to be doing a new year post and thinking about what I want to achieve and do over the next year, but here is a blog post all about my resolutions for 2016!

Lose Weight
I'm pretty sure if you have been following my blog over the last year you will know I've been suffering with my weight for a while now, so this year my aim is to lose weight. I'm not going to wait around and do it over time I'm giving myself a year to get down to a size 10 from a size 18 and really work hard for it. I'm going to be doing monthly posts on it so you can follow my journey and I'll also be giving out tips on things that have and haven't worked.

Take More Pride In My Blog
I have been writing this blog for almost three years now and although I promote myself on Twitter I never really make an effort. So I'm going to be aiming to get more involved in Twitter chats, print out some business cards and tell people about my blog more, as I never mention it in conversations and don't like to talk about it to much I shall be trying a bit more this year to really take pride in my blog.

Spend More Time With Family
At the moment all I do is work all week and never see my friends or family, I understand it's part of growing up but I shall be dedicating a weekend a month to see my family and spend time with them more. Even if it involves booking a weekend off I will but I feel the need to spend more time with my family as this last year I've been so distant from everyone that I feel this year I need to be more involved in family matters and spend more time with them.

Let me know below in the comments what your new year resolutions are!
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