My 2016 Diary's

I love keeping a diary and have had one since my teens, the different designs you can get make it very easy for me to keep a diary and make me a lot more organised as well as being able to look back on my last year taking in the memories and adventures that I got up to.

This year I picked up two diary's one for my handbag so I can jot down appointments but to also keep my blog on schedule, as well as one for my home use to write down what has happened that day and all my secrets!

My everyday home one is from Sprinkle Of Glitter and is a handy book sized diary with a lovely mint green pink design. It is a hard back so it's fits nicely in with my bookshelf and doesn't get damaged easily which I love. Inside is a lovely bright coloured selection of pages that are designed so you can write on each one what you have been up to but to also add things like your new years resolutions or your de-stress techniques, as well as some lovely quotes and top tips to keep you entertained. For just £9.99 this diary is pretty much perfect.

My small handbag diary is from Santoro and is jam packed with diary squares, note areas and contact sheets as well, It's small but mighty as it holds loads. I find that the small diary notes are great for jotting down small notes and appointments as well as little reminders but it's also great as I can take my contacts and addresses around with me on the go. The design is lovely as the small doll figures and dark moody colours are nice for anyone a little dark like me! For just £4.99 you can't go wrong.

What diary have you got for 2016?
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