Lush Stardust Bath Bomb

This rather cute star is one of the bath bombs that might get a little ignored in Lush as it looks pretty plain and boring, however it's a bath bomb that works wonders and is rather the opposite of boring! It was from there winter range and is no longer available on the website but it was around £2.95.

It's a star shape so it does crumble a little so I would recommend handling with care, but the product fizzy's quickly in the water and begins to work it's magic straight away. It starts of white and slowly starts to dissolve into a blue before gently letting out little stars into the water which are all multi coloured.

The water goes a very light blue shade and the little stars dissolve slowly throughout the bath, there was little bubbles as with most bath bombs. The scent was a very rich heavenly vanilla which filled my bathroom nicely lasting all through out the day which I loved, it smelt almost like I had lit a candle and left it to burn.

My skin felt soft and nourished after my bath and apart from a few little coloured smudges on my skin it left my skin very happy. However the bath did need a little bit of cleaning after due to the colourful stars which was a little bit of a nuisance.

I would happily buy this product again if Lush brought it back! Did you managed to get your hands on one, what did you think of Stardust?

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  1. One of my favourite Lush products :) I had a couple before Christmas but didn't manage to pick up any in the sale.
    My bath is always SUCH a mess because of my addiction to bath bombs ...SO WORTH IT though.
    Gillian  xx