Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

I had heard about this bath bomb from Lush from quite a few different people so thought I had better pick one up to try it out before it left the Lush stores for good. At £3.95 it's quite expensive as it's a one use only bath bomb, but it is very large so it does make up for being so expensive.

It's themed around the Frozen films so it's a large white and blue bath bomb that looks like a fresh icy blue product to excited and amuse you. The scent was very strong and masculine packed with plenty of oils but some citrus and creme of tartar to, one of the other ingredients was Silver Glimmer Lustre which is almost like a glitter but more of a shimmer to fill the bath.

The water went a deep dark blue and the added shimmer looked very impressive, this was a fast and upbeat bath bomb to start with and then slowly fizzed away while I was relaxing. The swirls of blue and white mixed beautifully and left me feeling relaxed and care free while the bath bomb did all the hard work.

I would love to repurchase this product and hopefully it stays long enough for me to do so! What's your favorite bath product from Lush?

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  1. This is one of my favourites to!
    I love butterbear although it doesn't make the bath look anything special it's leaves your skin so soft!

  2. Sounds so good and bet smells so good too!