Jack Wills Body Wash and Lotion Review

This year for Christmas I got my very first Jack Wills set from my sister and I was over the moon to receive such a lovely gift. Jack Wills is a company who sell body and beauty items as well as clothing items but also lovely accessories such as bags, there an all round great company to go for.

The packaging of the lotion and wash set is pink with black writing, a simple yet girly design that stands out and get noticed without really trying., on the back of the products is a small directions of how to use but a bit of a more funky and standout design of stripes that are chunky and eye catching which I love. In the 200ml tubes is a fresh floral scented product that leaves you smelling fresh and clean all day.

The lotion is quite thin but not oily that goes onto the skin and quickly dries up to leave you not feeling sticky or even like you have product on but it does however leave the skin feeling soft and nourish which I was over the moon about. As I dislike products that take ages to soak in it feels like I have my dream lotion here which is perfect for me.

The body wash is quite thick almost gel like but washes up and lathers nicely to create a great scented body wash. I found the scent lasted all day and kept me feeling nice and clean, the product didn't irritate my sensitive skin and I could easily use it without having a flare up of allergies which is great.

Do you own any Jack Wills items? Whats your favorite?

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