Santa Cruz Album Review

Santa Cruz is the self titled album by Finnish hard rock band lead by Archie Cruz, bass player Middy, drummer Tazzy and guitarist Johnny. March 2015 saw them release there 2nd album Santa Cruz which is much heavier then there previous album Screaming For Adrenaline, there main influences are Guns and Roses and Skid Row.

Gemini Star Sign Necklace

Whilst I was in my local Primark browsing I came across a set of necklaces which caught my eye for several reasons, for being star sign necklaces which I loved and also for being double chained. I have never owned a layering necklace before so I was excited to buy it and for only £2 it didn't break the bank.

The Library Of Fragrance - Thunderstorm

I did a small review of this product in my blogmas as I got it in a secret santa swap but I wanted to do a full review on the product. The Library Of Fragrance is available online or in Boots and cost's £15 for one bottle of fragrance which is unisex.

Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

I had heard about this bath bomb from Lush from quite a few different people so thought I had better pick one up to try it out before it left the Lush stores for good. At £3.95 it's quite expensive as it's a one use only bath bomb, but it is very large so it does make up for being so expensive.

It's themed around the Frozen films so it's a large white and blue bath bomb that looks like a fresh icy blue product to excited and amuse you. The scent was very strong and masculine packed with plenty of oils but some citrus and creme of tartar to, one of the other ingredients was Silver Glimmer Lustre which is almost like a glitter but more of a shimmer to fill the bath.

The water went a deep dark blue and the added shimmer looked very impressive, this was a fast and upbeat bath bomb to start with and then slowly fizzed away while I was relaxing. The swirls of blue and white mixed beautifully and left me feeling relaxed and care free while the bath bomb did all the hard work.

I would love to repurchase this product and hopefully it stays long enough for me to do so! What's your favorite bath product from Lush?

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Lush Stardust Bath Bomb

This rather cute star is one of the bath bombs that might get a little ignored in Lush as it looks pretty plain and boring, however it's a bath bomb that works wonders and is rather the opposite of boring! It was from there winter range and is no longer available on the website but it was around £2.95.

Pretty & Witty Bath Set

I've seen this brand before but never picked up any pieces so I was happy to see a bath set in my Christmas gifts this year. I received the body butter, bubble bath and body wash as well as a lovely little case which I adore.

Accessorize Retro Lip Duo

I did a small review on this product in my Blogmas series but wanted to do a full review to share such a great product. It's from Accessorize and is this retro lip duo of a lipstick and a lip gloss that comes in very retro and funky packaging.

Jack Wills Body Wash and Lotion Review

This year for Christmas I got my very first Jack Wills set from my sister and I was over the moon to receive such a lovely gift. Jack Wills is a company who sell body and beauty items as well as clothing items but also lovely accessories such as bags, there an all round great company to go for.

The packaging of the lotion and wash set is pink with black writing, a simple yet girly design that stands out and get noticed without really trying., on the back of the products is a small directions of how to use but a bit of a more funky and standout design of stripes that are chunky and eye catching which I love. In the 200ml tubes is a fresh floral scented product that leaves you smelling fresh and clean all day.

My 2016 Diary's

I love keeping a diary and have had one since my teens, the different designs you can get make it very easy for me to keep a diary and make me a lot more organised as well as being able to look back on my last year taking in the memories and adventures that I got up to.

This year I picked up two diary's one for my handbag so I can jot down appointments but to also keep my blog on schedule, as well as one for my home use to write down what has happened that day and all my secrets!

My New Year Resolutions

2015 went by rather quick so it feel odd to be doing a new year post and thinking about what I want to achieve and do over the next year, but here is a blog post all about my resolutions for 2016!

Boxing Day Sales

I'm a massive lover of sales and find myself browsing online and in store for hours, I mostly shopped in New Look and Accessorize this year with a few small pieces from other stores. I found this year most places weren't really impressive which was a small let down but I have found some lovely items.

New Look
I have had my eye on a cape for a while now but always felt like I would look silly in one, I spotted one online for £23 so brought one and hoped for the best. I got a plain black cape with added faux fur which looks very impressive, it fits nicely and keeps me snug and warm while adding some fashion to my outfits. I feel this cape suits jeans best and doesn't need to many accessories to make it look good.