Blogmas - Day Twenty Two How To Survive Christmas In Retail

I've been working in retail for 7 years so I have a lot of experience when it comes to Christmas in retail, I have picked up a few tricks on how to survive and not loose your cool over the month off December in retail.

Rude customers are always going to be a problem but the approach I have is to be as kind and happy as much as possible, it winds them up but you won't look like the bad person and they won't be able to put in any complaints. Approach them with a smile and don't response to negativity, instead ask how can you help and act like you actually want to help them and not tell them to do one.

If you do need to step out the store for five minutes to cool down then do, just explain to your manager you need to take 5 and then go sit in a cool room for a few moments. I always do my breathing exercises and count to ten before stepping out with a big smile prepared for the next moment of panic.

Have a laugh and chat with your colleagues, this will lighten the mood for everyone but also allow everyone to feel happy to come to work. I always find the term 'leave your problems at the door' a great one to practice in retail, as everyone will be stressed enough to deal with added problems on top. If you need to chat with another member of staff arrange to meet out of work or give them a call instead.

If it all gets to much of course remember that Thorntons has some great offers on chocolate this time of year and there's always a bottle of wine with your name on it!

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