Blogmas - Day Twenty One VCSecretSanta

This year I've taken part in a secret santa which was the Vanilla Crush swap which was a £15 swap. I had Maisie doing my secret santa and she picked a great selection of goodies for me!

Hot Chocolate
As I don't drink tea or coffee I am a massive hot chocolate drinker, I go through a pot of hot cocoa in around two weeks and always love trying new one. So I was very happy to see 4 sachets in my box which are perfect for at home or if I need a pick me up at work. I was given three Options sachets a classic Belgian Choc, a Mint Belgian Choc and a White Choc, I love the Options sachets and pick up quite a few for work so I can't wait to try them out especially the Mint one! I also got a Cadbury's sachet which is one of my favorite brands to go for when I'm after a hot chocolate fix.

Zoella Fizz Bar
I've used this product in the past and love how it livens up a bath while adding a very fresh scent, as Zoella is bringing out so many new products I tend to forget about the old ones so it was lovely to see a classic product that I had forgotten I liked so much.

Collection China Rose Lipstick
A brand I know and love is Collection they do great affordable make up items and I love using there lipsticks. So I was very happy to see a lipstick in my box, I got the shade China Rose which is a deep rose shade with added shimmer, it's a very nice autumnal colour that I can't wait to wear.

Rimmel Ruby Crush Glitter Polish
Just in time for Christmas is this lovely red glitter polish which is from there high coverage range, Rimmel is a brand that I love and there nail polishes are great quality. I can't wait to team this with a red nail polish for the festive period, its a very nice glitter with added silver specks to make it look even more festive.

Sweet Snuggles Hand Lotion and File
This is a brand I've seen loads in December and there packaging is very cute and girly, I was happy to see a product from there brand in the box as I've been meaning to try them out. The lotion is a perfect handbag sized bottle and the vanilla scent is lovely, the nail file has a nice festive design on it as well which I love it also works really well at filing the nails!

So that's all I got in my first Secret Santa box stayed tuned for tomorrows post which will be all about my other box I got!
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