Blogmas - Day Twenty Five MakeUp Revolution Calendar

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the last day of Blogmas I hope you have enjoyed this past month on my blog, today is my last post for a short while until Friday 1st January as I am going to take a short break to enjoy time with family. Today I have a review of the Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar which has been amazing!

At £45 this was a very expensive calendar but as I witness last year I know as soon as the advent starts the shops put it down in price so I waited till the 2nd December and snapped one up for just £20. You get 25 products in the calendar all of which are available to buy in store and the last one being a full sized palette which impressed me a lot.

I got 5 nail polishes in the calendar all of which were mini and handbag friendly especially if you travel a lot like me there are perfect for going in my travel bag. I got a very festive red shade, a party ready pink, a silvery nude tone, a beige nude for everyday wear and a mint green shade. I have tried out the beige nude tone and they polish goes on nicely with two coats, it doesn't chip easily and last for around 4 days.

In the Calendar were two amazing sheer lip glosses which have the nicest scents to them, the tubes are simply and easy to use while being slim enough to fit nicely into any bag. I got a very nice coral pink shade with added sparkle as well as a lovely light pale pink sparkly shade which looks amazing on.

I also got two of the intense lip glosses which are very intense and also have an amazing scent, the two shade I got were a very festive red and a toned down pink nude which both look great on. I found them to not be to sticky and also didn't have to much transfer.

There were a grand total of six lipsticks in the calendar which may seem a lot but they are all such amazing shades and all different that it was a nice surprise each time. My favorite has been the beige nude tone which is a great everyday shade, A very rich toned purple, a bright orange shade, a everyday coral pink, a bright pink tone and lastly a bright red shade.

In the calendar were three blushers which a very bright pink called Wow which suits it pretty well as it's a very bright shade that you only need a small amount of. Then there is Now and Treat which are both a very basic light caramel shade one with sparkle and they other without, they are great for everyday blushers.

I also got three eyeshadows one of which is a very bright glittery gold shade which is perfect for the party season it's called Mountains Of Gold, next is a base shade called Base! which is the perfect base colour if you wanted to layer your lids, lastly is a very build able brown shade called Delicious which is great for adding some shading on the eyes.

Included in the box was an impressive three highlighters which are all pretty different in there own way, most impressive out of them all is Pink Lights which is a pink toned highlighter that adds a lot of shimmer to your face but looks very nice on, next is Golden Lights which is a gold toned highlighter that blends really well into the skin, lastly is Hidden Lights which is the perfect everyday highlighter that has some added sparkle but not to much.

Lastly is the palette which is a perfect palette for anyone looking for one which includes an eye shadow for everyday occasions, it's from the Redemption range and includes 12 shades of eyeshadows all with shimmer and glitter, it ranges from light shades to bright blues and purples to very dark browns and blacks. I was very impressed with the palette.

So that's it I hope you have a lovely Christmas and I shall see you in 2016!

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