Blogmas - Day Seventeen Christmas Tree

For this years theme we have gone with a fake tree and silver decorations, my mum always puts our tree up and decorates it when we are all out so it's always a nice surprise when we get home. All the decorations we have either brought it bulk so I pack of eight baubles or we have brought on there own when we see them in store for example this cute little dragonfly tree topper instead of the more traditional fairy!

The tree we have had for around three years now and it's still going strong with its added glitter and pine cones it makes it a bit more festive then your normal green tree. Instead of a fairy we always place something odd on top of the tree so we have gone with a very festive silver glittery dragonfly which I think suits the tree perfectly.

Some of the tree decorations are homemade such as the little owl which was a gift to myself which I loved making, I also love the dashing reindeer's which add a little sparkle to the already overly glittery tree, but my all time favorite decorations is the chocolates which don't stay on the tree for to long!

Do you have your tree up yet? Which do you prefer a real tree or fake one?

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