Blogmas - Day Nineteen Festive Biscuits

I love to do a bit of baking and Christmas is the perfect time to get my bake on! This is my recipe for the perfect biscuits and even though it may not seem the normal recipe it works amazingly and the biscuits taste great.

4oz Butter / 110g
2oz Sugar / 60g
Vanilla Essence - a small drop
6oz Flour / 170g

Gas Mark 2 for 25 minutes until they begin to brown
-Mix the butter and sugar into a paste
-Add the vanilla essence and mix
-Add the flour in small quantities and mix well
-Freeze for 20 minutes (wrap in cling film)
-Sprinkle out some flour and place dough on top
-Roll out the dough and cut out shapes
-Place on baking tray with parchment paper underneath and bake!

They turn out lovely and taste amazing, there perfect for guests and make nice little decorative items as well! Let me know if you make the biscuits and how well they turn out!

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